“The New Play” by Matthew Wilson

Joshua Reynolds, "The Puck"

Joshua Reynolds, “The Puck”

The New Play

Have you heard what they say?

How Shakespeares new play will start today.

I am quite excited about his last, his great,


the witches, the madness, the crush at the gate.

The mind of the man I am sure’s quite replete

of madmen and demons you find on the street.


What a collection of fools and villains he has in his head,

the greater number for the good of man are surely dead.

History shall call him the maker of monsters and whores


but an afternoon at the globe is better than chores

of which I’ve grown bored, so give me a play

Shakespeare and you shall have my penny. A slave for the day.



Matthew Wilson, 30, is a UK resident who has been writing since small. Recently these stories have appeared in Horror Zine, Star*Line and Sorcerers Signal. He is currently editing his first novel.

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