“Vincent” by Sue Clennell

Vincent Van Gogh

Vincent Van Gogh



Vincent had the yellows,

pulled sunflowers from

behind his ears.

A storm in a dyke,

Vincent scooped the sky out

with teaspoons,

had a policy of stun and run.

Star stuck,                he

put his hand in Jesus’ wound

to see how sweet pain was,

plummeted to earth with wax wings.


Previously published in Poetry NZ.

"Prayer" by Vincent Van Gogh

“Prayer” by Vincent Van Gogh


Sue Clennell is an Australian poet who has also been published in New Zealand & the US. Her short play The Unknown was performed in Sydney’s Short & Sweet Summer Festival 2012. She currently has a poetry CD out The Van Gogh Cafe – 2 poems from which may be viewed on YouTube.




One thought on ““Vincent” by Sue Clennell

  1. Nice job. Thanks for sharing.

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