“Subliminal Self” by Mamta Madhavan


Subliminal Self

Desert sunset. Moonbows. Cobbled pathway
lined with zinnias. Tall, slender. Colors of the sun –
running into passion. Caught on desert marigold. Ocean.
Seagulls and sailboats. I roam collecting cowries.
Barefoot on sand, grass. Seasons. Free spirit.
Zen. Zazen. Existentialism. The moment.
Lanterns burning. Shadows. Puppet. Dream catchers. They
exist between the spun threads, feathers, beads. Amethyst.
Vast expanses. Stretches and stretches. Sand dunes. Your laughter.
Gurgling sound of stream. Sound. You. Your laughter.
It awakens me. Sunrise. Moon lingers in the sky. Still.


Mamta Madhavan has been writing poetry in English, her second language, from the age of 13. Her poems have been published in various literary journals and zines all over. She also pens childrens poems. She is a curator on staff at gotpoetry.com.

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