“Lost Horizon” by Kenneth Nolan


Lost Horizon

I lodged at Shangri La for a short while

My stay was most pleasant and dreamy

The cityscape and architecture was most like Dublin

Noisy, unforgiving and occasionally weary

I always loved her hair after she had just washed it

It flowed like the rivers imagined in any far off paradise

All so soon I had outstayed my welcome

Over coffee her words tasted like poison

She returned the book I lent her by James Hilton

And I was left with my own lost horizon


Kenneth Nolan is from Dublin Ireland. He writes comedy, poetry and short stories, however, his main goal is to complete his first novel. He also does stand-up occasionally. Nolan has achieved a higher diploma in creative writing and has won first place for poetry in the ‘Sports & Cultural Council’ competition here in Ireland in 2012.

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