“Tina Hall Exposes All” by Larry Flynt

Damned Book (by Tina Hall)

Priding myself as a free speech activist, I applaud the daring interviews done by the feisty young Tina Hall in what she calls The Damned Book of Interviews. Certain to face censorship attacks for exposing so much, a movie will be made about the trials and tribulations this woman’s about to endure. Many right-wingers will damn her to the annals of infamy after all she exposes triumphs in a climactic case of The People vs. Tina Hall.

Tina Hall (aka Tina Ayres)

Tina Hall (aka Tina Ayres)

2 thoughts on ““Tina Hall Exposes All” by Larry Flynt

  1. Tina Hall says:

    Who knew? Nice to know someone is reading. Thank you:)

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