“Cosmos” by John Saunders


Night is falling, giving no hint
of its attendance save
the single winking star,
Eta Piscium, shedding its waning energy
into the deepness of the black,
a spectral of light, filling the airless
space, absorbing, vanishing into infinity.
Look up into that darkness,
and see those celestial lights,
as shadows retreat from the luminosity
of dawn, and when you are rested
think of the cosmos,
the sparkling stars of the long night
and how each one solitary and unknown,
leaves behind its heavenly presence
for us to muse and be in awe.


John Saunders’ first collection After the Accident was published in 2010 by Lapwing Press, Belfast. His poems have appeared in countless magazines and publications. John is one of three featured poets in  Measuring,  Dedalus New Writers published by Dedalus Press in May 2012. He is a member of the Hibernian Poetry Workshop and a graduate of the Faber Becoming a Poet 2010 course. His second full collection Chance was published in February 2013 by New Binary Press.

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