An interview with Nicholas Lemons


Since we do love to promote all things creative here I thought it was past time we included fashion as well. That said I am very pleased to bring you Nicholas Lemons. Lemons rose to fame as a male model for fashion icons like Armani, Dolce & Gabbana, Gant, and DSquared2 to name a few. He is currently a designer offering up the mens line, Nick + Campbell, which uses natural fibers such as sustainable bamboo and cotton to produce the most comfortable underwear on the planet. It was an honor to talk with him on the transition from model to designer.

Can you tell us a little about your background? What were you like as a child?

I was born Kentucky. Growing up in the country, I did a lot of fishing, hunting, playing sports and just going to school. I really enjoyed my youth.

I know you have a love of comics. What initially sparked your interest in all that? Which characters are your favorite and why? Which artists do you enjoy most?

I have collected comics most of my life. When I was younger, I would draw all the time any chance I could get. I wanted to start my own comic book at one point. There are so many characters that I love, it’s hard to name them all…. Batman….Silver Surfer…Superman and trust me, the list goes on.


What was it like to go from the mid-west to modeling at the age of 17? Did you experience any culture shock?

I went from country life to sitting on a beach in Miami watching cruise ships roll out. It was most definitely a culture shock for me.

What do you think you would be doing at this point in your life if you hadn’t become a model? What do you plan on doing when you stop?

I am not a model anymore, I am a designer. There you have it.

Nicholas-Lemons-by-Yu-Tsai-MaleModelSceneNet-05-1024x655 (1)

I read somewhere once that you had said, “The more beautiful you are on the inside the more beautiful you are on the out”. Do you still believe that? Do you think it possible to be beautiful strictly from what you carry inside the self?

Yes, I believe that being healthy has a lot to do with that as well, but I do believe that true beauty comes from within.
What do you think it takes for a person to be truly beautiful?

What qualities do you find most…admirable?

Self respect, being genuine. A man or a woman of his or her word goes a long way. I believe that just being an all around good spirit will make you shine.


Do you think the world today places too much emphasis on looks?

Yes…I have always thought that it is more about charisma than just simply good looks.

You’ve also said you would like to be an angel. Why is that? Have you always been drawn to things of a mystical nature?

I don’t think I said that? But ok, that would be a really good time…question is what kind of angel would I like to be?

nicholas-lemons-male-model-photos-11232009-26 (1)
When did you first discover your love of tattoos? How many do you have? Are there any that hold personal meaning? Which are your favorite? Are you planning on any more?

I love them all and would love to be covered eventually from the neck down. I enjoy being tattooed and working with different artists very much.

Do you have any favorite tattoo artists?

Tasha Rubinow, Anderson Luna, Neil Powers, Jun Matsui…

How did the Nick+Campbell clothing line come to be? Do you think it may expand beyond underwear in the future? Any plans to offer a women’s or children’s line?
I would love to expand, anyone would. If I make clothing that people enjoy wearing then I should have room to expand in the future, that’s the plan.

Any little known things about you that people might be surprised to learn?

I believe, at some point, that this world will come together as one and find a way to share our knowledge and use religion as hints and keys to finding other forms of life and other means of living beyond this planet. I also would encourage, if possible, for humans to travel. If they cannot travel, then speak about the world we live in and keep an open mind. I’ve always questioned why people are incapable of imagining the things they are capable of doing. If you can imagine it, you can accomplish it. It’s all about the steps we follow to get to the places we have imagined.

How do you hope to be remembered when your time comes?

I hope that I will be remembered as someone who thinks ahead of his time, and someone that made a change for the better of life.

Anything you’d like to say in closing?



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