“Irresistible Wine of Love” by Elvira Lobo

Irresistible Wine of Love

Come closer and pull on these transparent covers,
And let the sensuous thoughts flock our minds over.

My body satiates for more with your passionate love and caress,
And your every touch heals me of all sorrows I must confess.

Sipping from your glass, a drop of red wine slides down my tender lips,
The taste beautifies our love so pure in this lovely relationship.

How intoxicating is the wine or is that your eyes drooling over me,
Making me love you even more and losing my sanity.

Your arousing kisses stir up the fire inside me,
Dipped in your romantic syrupy wine so irresistible which has soaked me completely.

Oh My Love, this thirst for you still lingers on and will continue to be,
Just like this red wine melts down my throat slowly and hungers for more with greed.

Copyright ©2012 by Elvira Lobo, Its My Life
(All rights reserved; unauthorized use prohibited)


Elvira is a Fun-loving person, Avid Bollywood fan, Blog-Writer and dedicated towards cause for Thalessemia. Born in Mumbai, having an MBA finance degree , she is currently working in a corporate bank. She is a keen enthusiast and loves to play the guitar, dance, reading books etc. and creative to make innovative handicrafts at leisure.

As she quotes, “Writing poems has been my passion since young and now have an blog Its My Life to emote my feelings and thoughts with friends. Poems on love, life, relations, abstracts, nature etc”. A budding poet, Elvira has her works (25 poems) published both at the national and international level in different anthologies.

One thought on ““Irresistible Wine of Love” by Elvira Lobo

  1. ELVIRA LOBO says:

    whoa ..just happened to see this….really honoured to find my work published here- Thanks 🙂

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