“The Glass Is Half Drained” by JB Mulligan

The Glass Is Half Drained

air   objects   landscape  lightscape
all thicken   viscous tightenings
serpents of the lost and urgent things
encircle    no way or wish to escape
as blood slows and clots in mudclusters
so magmatic once   steam and bubble
skymansions fallen to piled rubble
that a stifled sneeze might disperse
the dreams are all now memories
of what didn’t happen   but what did
is enough    through the clean and well-lit time
to begrudge a smile to    a nodded
respect that nightshadows screech at as they climb
up into roomcorners   chatter like monkeys

4-1-00 2'05'17 PM

JB Mulligan has had poems and stories in several hundred magazines, including recently, Angle, The Kerf, Loch Raven Review, Turbulence, and Shot Glass Journal, has had two chapbooks published: The Stations of the Cross & THIS WAY TO THE EGRESS, and has appeared in multiple volumes of the anthology, Reflections on a Blue Planet as well as the anthology, Inside/Out: A Gathering Of Poets.

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