“Of Nobility” by Larry Sawyer

Of Nobility
             [for Ian Ayres]

Noble to awaken and fire antique pistol
Noble to sleep the sleep of jaguar
Noble to scruff the neck or collar with your fur
Noble to grow nuclear habaneros in wild backyards
Noble to suffer another opening of Muscat
Noble to scratch the poet’s cock before unloading
Noble to wince at the mention of perdition
Noble to read and while away your solitary time
Noble to forever bleed
Noble to dance even when alone
Noble to lonesome crow
Noble to be ludicrous in knowledge you are so alone
Noble to spout inane wisdom to absolute strangers
Noble to burgle, thistle, and belch
Noble to cook a huge pot of beef stink stew
Noble to patronize Saint Baudelaire
Noble to bring lion’s head and dear heart to imagination’s table
Noble to burrow throughout the whole of Kafka’s writings
Noble to work and sweat and toil over single lost adage
Noble to mince words and not mince words as is your wont
Noble to cross before churches and curse all gods
Noble to strike blind the flag and worship thyself only joking
Noble to admit your fleshly brevity and ignorance before nature
Noble to enter the circle of existence and draw a crude triangle on                                                                                your navel
Noble to offer up your heart to posterity with a sigh!
Larry Sawyer

Larry Sawyer

Larry Sawyer is an American poet and editor. He edited Nexus magazine (Wright State University, Dayton, Ohio) and currently edits the online poetry magazine, milk.

For more visit: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Larry_Sawyer_(poet)

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