“Moon and Sea” by Jessica Fitzpatrick


Moon and Sea

At end of
day I make my way

To the calm
and quiet shore

I stand and
stare at the moon so fair

Like a
thousand times before

All around
her light shines down
Bathing me
in silver tears

She and the
sea speak to me

to take my years

Her light
reflects those silver specks

I hear her
Siren’s call

And step
into the midnight blue

This will be
my final fall

Now the
stars can see my scars

As the water
rises higher

I still
stare at the moon so fair

Full of pure
love and desire

This black
of night will hold me tight

Nevermore to
welcome the sun

My fate is
sealed, my life will yield

To the
beauty that loved Endymion

The moon
told the sea where to lead me

The sea is
now my grave

Mourned by
mist and finally kissed

By the sweet
embrace of a wave

Jessica at the Iron Gate

Originally from southern California, Jessica Fitzpatrick now lives and writes in Olympia, Washington. A lifelong lover of literature, she has drawn inspiration from many of the masters but also managed to discover her own voice. Jessica has
been writing for almost 20 years, and while she explores various themes, her pen tends to favor the dark, the mysterious, the imaginative.

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