“Moonshine Drunk” by Paula Lietz

Moonshine Drunk

moonshine drunk in no particular universe

with a lost sense of beyond I unravelled

and in the dark determined I was losing my mind

dubious support a sunspot in mad distress

spewing jagged minuscule lifeforms within

flailing dust particles

flaring in indignation we both burned

sucking oxygen in great pathetic gasps

black hole brazenly beckoned, lurching

I teetered on that invisible line between

spheres, realms and dimensions

some great force set me on pause

if I had proof of a hell I would damn you there

but annoyingly the sun rose and I was still

moonshine drunk in no particular universe


Ms. Lietz was awarded first prize in last year’s United Kingdom Frost Photography International Competition. Her writing, cover art, art and photography has appeared in numerous anthologies and in many publications, such as, Sunrise From Blue Thunder, Naugatuck River Review winter 2011 & 2012 , MaINtENaNT: Journal of Contemporary DADA Writing and Art, 4, 5 and 6, In the Company of Women, Visions, Verses and Voices, numerous Rolling Thunder, Twizted Tungz, 1,2 & 3,The Enchanting Verses International Poetry Journal, Songs of Sandy, and with phenomenal Phantom Billstickers of New Zealand to name a few.Paula Lietz resides in rural Manitoba Canada.

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