“The Unknown Feeling” by Robert Rumery

The Unknown Feeling

What’s this feeling,
All I can see is darkness,
Like my eyes,
Have been sown shut,
There is a fine line,
Between insanity,
Between darkness,

I think I’ve crossed the line,
The voices in my head,
They’re always talking to me,
It feels like a thunderstorm,
Inside of my head,
A whirlwind,
Inside of my own mind,

There is a psycho,
He lives behind my eyes,
He just wants to come,
Make his face known,
To the world,

Is there a way to stop this?
What is this feeling?
The Darkness inside of me,
It’s coming out,
It wants to be set free,

The light betrays me,
All there is now,
Is the darkness,
That always finds me,

Should I embrace it?
I could form something with it,
When in this darkness,
I can finally see everything,
It’s all clear,

This darkness I feel,
It is my weapon,
My power,
My talent,
My Curse.


Robert Rumery is a poet and writer living in Connecticut. He has always had a keen interest in books, especially those of his favorite author, Stephen King. Robert’s love for King’s work began in childhood and drew him to his love of horror. Robert has always been intrigued by writing. A big fan of super heroes and comic book-style writing, he enjoys creating worlds in his mind and putting them into words. Also a big fan of poetry, Robert has also published a book of poetry, which encouraged him to write his first fiction. In addition to long hours spent writing, Robert has gathered a full team of supportive people around him, as well as taking part in a strong, creative writing community on Facebook.

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