“Twilight” by Barry Hunter


In the mystic dark of twilight
Before the Sandman is dusting
Comes the rustling of the dead

The whispers start
As the chirps of crickets
The murmurs become
A rattle of bones
As the silence is stunned

By the thoughts
With the questions
And the statements
Of those passed
On before us
Into the glow of beyond

Not even the counting of sheep
Or the taking of pills
Will help them gain the sleep
For the infinite unrest
Of those six feet deep

Wishing to let us know
What they have discovered
The secrets of beyond
The fantasy of life
Because they can only come
When we refuse to believe
In the mystic dark of twilight


Barry Hunter has published Baryon Magazine since 1976 and it is well known in the science fiction and fantasy field. He has been writing since his college days and most recently his fiction has been presented in various anthologies published by Whortleberry Press. He is married and has one son. His websites are www.baryon-online.com and thebaryonreview.blogspot.com


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