“Judgement Day” by Angela Cain

Judgment Day

The Sun beamed rays of fire
As every man on earth was deemed a liar.
The sins in the world had become too much
As the Earth began to lose its soft, loving touch.

Everything that was safe became a danger
As if Jesus had just been stolen from his manger;
And all the terrifying, taunting spirits arose,
Taking their prisoners to hell as the story goes.

Then Angels came down bursting through the flames
Looking for heavenly souls they might claim.
They found few, but took all they could find
Back up to heaven where it was safe, beautiful, and divine.

The Angels didn’t linger long for the fire grew and grew
As Judgment Day was upon us as we now knew;
And the world vanished in one great blast
As the Maker looked down and said, “The sins of Earth are gone at last.”

Angela Cain is a graduate student at Stephen F Austin State University majoring in English. She enjoys smelling the flowers as she quietly walks down the side walk at your nearest park while observing nature’s beautiful creations. These walks in the park give her the muse to write poetry and fiction. In her downtime she likes to play with her dogs, Molly and Shadow.

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