“Eyes of the Fallen Men” by Jorge Valdes

Eyes of the Fallen Men

The eyes of the fallen man darkened and squinted – weepy.

The eyes of the quiet man, strong and bold; scared and stretched.

The woman that holds his hand; the beast that pumps his blood, faster than a disease. Her bosom is the last known smell of him, sweet flowers on a summer day.

The pressure is real, the yearn is real, living still, too still. You feel the hunger, the anger growing. You tell yourself to stop but its much too late.

You fear the thoughts in all those other men,

You also fear the yearn for how much you need her.

She tells you she wants you, you don’t believe, its too hard to believe. You see her eyes, they tell you kind words, they want you, and you feel its true.

But the fear is too big in your heart, and their lusty ways are habit in their heart, For those animals who want her, for those animals who got her, death is near for all.

Get what you want to get take her away from everyone. You wish for no one else to see her!

Powerless is man on this Earth, cold stone and salty waters, time makes all shapes.

No, one else can love you – taker her for yourself!

Because the eyes of the fallen man weep quiet rivers from dark caves.
The view from within, squints bruised visions from within the soul.

All they want is your woman’s hand in theirs.
Lose the battle for love, they betray anyway, the only thing you love away from all that is really you.

They will have taken those things that breed hope, Desires from the soul now belong in a grave for eternity. And with your love in mind you will always be with your beloved divine.

Jorge Baldomero Valdes Jr. was born in Lufkin, Texas, in August of 1984. Hisinterests have always been to observe the arts; to look at things and to ponder them for a while.He decided to write in 2007, and try to direct his ideas to that which is hard to feel; but felt when an epiphany is walked upon. He havs been published in 2012 by the Horrorzine’s anthology: A Feast of Frights! And a couple of poems during the Summer of 2011.

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