“Perigee of the Moon” by Kristen Houghton

Perigee of the Moon

He buried them there with a whimpered prayer
At the Perigee of the Moon,
Beloved Wife and unnamed Child
Both wretched from his arms too soon,

He planted the flowers, he tilled the grass,
And prayed for the flowers to bloom,
And the Wind is their Breath that brushes his face,
At night as he lays on their Tomb,

“Oh Sweet Shade of Night, I show You no fright
For of You I would ask a boon,
Take my breath and twine with theirs,
Before the pregnant Moon,

Have mercy on the one who loves
And lies upon their Tomb !”

The apparition heeded his cry
Knowing to Live that he must Die,

We are Spirits together, she, my Child, and I,
‘Neath the sweetness of the Moon,
Apogee, Perigee, Powerful, Mystery, Lustrous and Shadowy Moon.

“Too soon, too soon, dead too soon.”

Kristen Houghton writes “nice little horror stories” guaranteed to make you check your locks and look under the bed before going to sleep.” Her book, Stolen Property- Tales of Terror, is in pre-publication. She is currently at work on the Catherine Harlow, Private Investigator series where her detective encounters plenty of horrors of her own. The first in the series is due to be published in late 2013.
Kristen is the former head writer and fiction editor of Mused Literary Magazine. Besides blogging for The Huffington Post, her portfolio includes a weekly column for the new, innovative TwoDayMag.com, writing for More Magazine, the San Francisco Examiner, and various other in print and online magazines. She also writes under the name CK Houghton.
Kristen Houghton, is the author of the following popular books:

No Woman Diets Alone – There’s Always a Man Behind Her Eating a Doughnut

And Then I’ll Be Happy! Stop Sabotaging Your Happiness and Put Your Own Life First

Remember, Hetty? (A YA Ghost Story)

A California girl at heart, she and her husband, Alan reside in the New York City area which is “magical”. For more about Kristen, her books and short stories, please visit www.kristenhoughton.com/

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