“Paramedic Cowboys” by Kathamann

Paramedic Cowboys


Constantly giving command performances of arrested development.

Went to get some air. The earth’s turning is not audible.

Eyes on the prize, but the gift gets stuck in my head.

Cut myself some slack. Retire early. Go right on sleeping.

A firm mattress makes me hungry. A stay-at-home mom

understands living in another age.
Hard choices are a menace to society. For old time’s sake,

thorazine and pantsuits. The tuna casserole needs a minute.

I believe you are here in the southern village.
A pigsty outside the box. Traveler’s checks and a full tank of gas

in an honored Ford truck. A river without a bridge. Overreacting

to unexpected houseguests.
I was afraid to tell you my mother was born in a one-horse shit hole.

A Shakespearean intermission that tickles your fancy. Prolonged exposure

to the full extent of the law.

Kathamann has been active in New Mexico’s art community for over thirty years, exhibiting in juried, group and one-person shows. She received her B.A. in Visual Arts, cum laude, at the College of Santa Fe. She has also studied with Helen Frankenthaler, John Chamberlain, and Beverly Pepper at the Santa Fe Art Institute. Jorge Fick, a noted modern painter, was her painting mentor. Mishell Karma Gaia, a 1973 Karmann Ghia, an art car created by Kathamann was inducted into the Houston Art Car Museum in 2007. Photos of Mishell have appeared in numerous publications,including Raw Vision, the world’s leading journal of outsider art, and The People’s Paper of Beijing. Kathamann is a retired registered nurse and Peace Corps Volunteer in Afghanistan.


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