“Mountain Medicine” by Sinead McAteer

mountain medicine

on the road again
through the mountain pass,
I have travelled
in this wild landscape
a thousand times.

so many questions distil into one
– how do I belong?

a familiar sinking feeling
invites me
to meet it
and I do.

inside its empty centre
a presence is pulsing,

– stay quiet
mountains are speaking
of their silent power,
dignified in solitude
belonging wholly to themselves.

Sinéad McAteer is a Registered Polarity Therapist and the author of ‘Firesong‘, a collection of poetry available at: http://firesong.mwipublishing.com/.
To read some of her articles on Polarity Therapy, visit: http://www.siomha.com/articles/index.html. Sinéad works with people in the spirit of compassion and humour to restore a natural state of harmony and power.

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