“City of Angels” by Marie Lecrivain

City of Angels

In the distance, the L.A. skyline is a cluster-fuck of high-rise building; an industrial Goliath that obscures my need for a slice of blue heaven.
Whenever I walk her dystopian streets, it’s impossible to believe that angels reside within the hollow halls of greed, and more improbable to
imagine a host of winged seraphs rubbing elbows and offering solace to poor unfortunate souls trapped in meat cages, concealed beneath bridges and within the shadows of door frames, desperate for a sign of light, a moment of grace.

copyright 2012 Marie Lecrivain

Marie Lecrivain is a writer, editor, and photographer who resides in Los Angeles. She is the editor/publisher of poeticdiversity: the litzine of
Los Angeles. Her work has appeared in various online/print journals, including Haibun Today, Heavy Hands Ink, Illumen, The Los Angeles Review, Poetry Salzburg Review, and others. Her short story collection, Bitchess (copyright 2011 Sybaritic Press), is available through Amazon.com and smashwords.com.

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