“Guilty Until Proven” by Justice Howard

Gerard Schaefer



I was at Belle Glade Correctional Institution in Florida visiting the great serial killer and sex beast author G. J. Schaeffer.

Who, upon first inspection seemed quiet and unassuming and nice enough, if even rather nerdish.

I told him I liked his story Spring Break,  the one about the guy who ends up murdering a wealthy high-class college student and that I too had felt that way at some time or another.

What I meant was that I too had felt a meandering dislike for the rich and bitchy.

But he did not take it that way.

He answered ” Oh so, you too have murder in your heart eh?”

His ghoulish smile, laced with an all-knowing creepy resonance left no doubt in my mind

that his heart had blacker spots in its depth than I could ever hope to fathom.

Justice Howard

World renowned photographer Justice Howard’s work has appeared in over 50 hardcover books and thousands of magazines internationally including French Vogue, Cosmopolitan, People, Newsweek, Jane, In Touch Weekly and Skin Two. Howard’s work has been exhibited at more than 60 galleries as well as many museums across the U.S. and Europe. 64 of the rooms in the upscale Lord Balfour Hotel in South Beach, Florida contain 30 foot wall murals of her art. The Tattoo Bar in Washington, DC also displays 30 of her pieces in 6 foot light boxes. Marilyn Manson, Billy Idol, Dave Navarro, Willie Nelson, Waylon Jennings and Dick Dale have all also spent time in front of Howard’s lens. Her subjects read like an “artistic wish list”. Nominated as one of the top 10 tattoo photographers, she has been compared to Annie Liebowitz and Herb Ritts and is often referred to as “the female Helmut Newton.”


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