“Cleopatra, I Love You” by Ian Ayres

"Cleopatra, I Love You" by Ian Ayres

“Cleopatra, I Love You” by Ian Ayres

Cleopatra, I Love You

Even if you don’t like it (my penetrating your very core & soul) my love knows no “No, no, no’s” & capitulates on planting your womb with my seed . . . Seems an ellipsis is due (forget the period). We are wordless & worldless. There is nothing but temporary hanging onto illusions of unwrapped present. You & I know we die & nothing changes a thing by asking why. Question Mark? Fuck Mark. Before Mark, others punctuated you. Yet it’s all a momentary orgasm not worth dying for — though we die, we die — you die & I die & we all die within the too-fast blink of an eye. So why not get naked among the gods; our flesh pulsating claws of exclamation! Next comes you or me awaiting the other on the other side. For eternity, Cleopatra, be my wife. Please. For I am on my knees before you. & then, with the dawn, I am gone.

4 thoughts on ““Cleopatra, I Love You” by Ian Ayres

  1. Pat Brien says:

    Mad, glad and dangerous with words … and he scores!

  2. Pat Brien says:

    You may be the only person who could leave Ian Ayres lost for words; but … ERM.

  3. Kim Hall says:

    wow…very powerful

  4. MaxD says:

    Jealous here =}
    I wonder if I’ll ever write such beauty…or have such a one.

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