“It’s All In The Eyes” by Phillip Ward

Photo by Georgia Cruse


it’s all in the eyes you know
that’s where language begins
all language begins there
you speak with your eyes
and then the rest follows
so does everything else
that’s where connection lies
it all begins within the eyes
speaking out with the words

Phillip Ward is a writer, poet, artist and photographer. Ward’s photographs and writings have appeared in an array of journals, magazines, books, and Internet, including The Purple Journal, Van Gogh’s Ear, The Chiron Review, The Onion, HX, Bent Voices, Priapus, and The Sentimentalist, and has participated in exhibits in New York City, London and Japan. Mr. Ward is the archivist and curator of the Crisperanto: The Quentin Crisp Archives (crisperanto.org) and executor of Quentin Crisp’s estate. Phillip Ward lives in Manhattan.

One thought on ““It’s All In The Eyes” by Phillip Ward

  1. Sandi says:

    how true the eyes tell your story

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