The photographs of Ray Ramos

Brittany Murphy

John Gilmore and Carolyn Blais on the set of Rosendo’s video Call Out To Me

The Phantom Lady of Coconut Grove

Rosedale Cemetery, Los Angeles

Vine Street, Hollywood

The Bellman, The Ambassador Hotel, Los Angeles

Ray Ramos is a native of Venice, California. He’s a writer, director and a photographer. He recently directed the, Call Out To Me, music video for Los Angeles singer-songwriter, Rosendo (featuring his friend, L.A. writer John Gilmore.) And will premier four of his original one act plays in a show called; To Love Somebody, in the fall of 2012 at The Raven Playhouse in North Hollywood, California. He still continues to lives in Venice and enjoys a cold beer (usually a Heineken) whenever possible.

Ray Ramos

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