Portrait Artist Darrel Bevan

Self Portrait

Marilyn Monroe

The Joker, Jack Nicholson

Marlon Brando

Laurel and Hardy

I am a portrait and figure illustrator, specialising in pencils. Colourblind, I focus mainly on black and white images. In my portraits, I attempt to capture reality whilst retaining the freshness of my chosen medium. My figure drawings often explore the contrast of beauty and distortion, and I have a particular fascination with the organic form.

I’ve been drawing, and drawing people, since I was able to hold a pencil. Why? I think drawing was and is a way to control something in my environment, to have some measure of control in a world that is out of control. But why people? And why faces? Well, I’ve always been obsessed by why we are here, why I am here, how man evolved, how we fit into our world, the physical manifestation of personality, physiognomy and expression. I just see people and want to draw them. So I do.

I came out of higher education with a Btec Diploma and an honours Degree, but these were in Three Dimensional Design and Ceramic Sculpure respectively. Drawing is something I always did in my spare time. I have taught in various schools and colleges around the West Midlands and also in Cornwall, including the Eden Project.



Clint Eastwood


Boris Karloff Frankenstein’s Monster

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