“Wounded and Extraordinary” (Art & Poem by Guy Kettelhack)


All of us are wounded and extraordinary –
carried to our fates
as if by serviceable beasts

who mostly can be counted on to tend us:
conscientious porters sweeping, turning on
the lights, generally putting things to rights.

Unsuspecting days and unexamined nights
become our fare until, perhaps responding
to some small involuntary dare,

we disappear – no longer
here or there: replaced by space.
It isn’t terrible that we don’t leave a trace.

Guy Kettelhack has authored, co-authored or contributed to more than 30 nonfiction books (google on him for most of the full appalling panoply). His poetry has appeared in over 25 print and online journals, including Van Gogh’s Ear, Melic Review, New Pleiades, Malleable Jangle, WORM 33, Das Alchymist Poetry Review, the PK list, The Rose & Thorn, Heretics & Half-Lives, Desert Moon Review, Hiss Quarterly, Juked, Anon, Umbrella Journal, Mississippi Crow and The Chimaera. Several of his poems have placed in the IBPC competition over the past few years. In April 2009 he began wedding his drawings to his poems – producing roughly one hybrid enterprise a day. Guy Kettelhack has the abundant good fortune to live in the city of his heart: Manhattan.

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