The art of Collin Elder

Journey of the Soul

Journey of the Spirit

Shed Light

Shed Light



The Valley of the Gods

The Valley of the Gods

collin elder

Collin Elder sees art as the unconscious filter of our experiences, material from the depths of our minds and souls, spread on canvas. Some images just come, some he needs to trawl for, but all are inspired by his craving for the mystical, the enigmatic. He paints to connect with himself, with nature and to share the awe of this planet with others. Apart from years of sketching, he has no formal training. He began last year after leaving the realm of ecological conservation, which, along with a degree in wildlife biology, has focused his attention and artwork on the repetitive and infinitely detailed nature of our world and minds. Most of his work ends up on the surreal/real end of the spectrum, as lucid and vivid expressions of  dreams, meditations and reality. Sometimes he just wants to see something that life cannot or has yet to unveil to him. He works with acrylic but oil is quickly becoming the medium that most accurately translates his brain. He hopes, with these pigments, to create images that connect us with nature, that light up the brain and act like meat-tenderizers on our hearts. His goal is goosebumps.

Cycles within Cycles within

Cycles within Cycles within

Beyond Reductionism

Beyond Reductionism


One thought on “The art of Collin Elder

  1. Dan Spacely says:

    This work is absolutely amazing it looks so cult-ish i love it!

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