“Sympathy for the Devil” by Tina Hall

Sympathy for the Devil


In the beginning there was nothing, only God and the uncountable numbers of angels. We all served as we should (for we all loved God completely. How could we not? He was Kindness.), and time passed well. There was no suffering nor was there any evil.

That was, of course, until God began to grow restless. The Earth was formless, dark, and watery. First, came the light to form the night and day, and the first sense of any sort of time came with them. And so God created the expanse around the watery waste of Earth and called it Heaven. Then came the land, and, shortly after, various kinds of vegetation. It was all very beautifully done and a pleasure to behold. Then, to our delight, came the stars. They shone brightly against the dark of the night sky and seemed to twinkle in a most comforting way. After that, God decided the Earth needed some living things to grace its surface, so He made the fish of the seas and the winged creatures, who could soar just like we could when we so chose. Earth was becoming more alive with each passing day. With the fifth night passing, God decided there needed to be all sorts of animals to fill the land. Some were intended to feed upon the vegetation and others to help maintain the population as carnivores. It was a great idea, and they were splendid. It all seemed like a very good idea.

To read more of this story please see here: Sympathy for Devil

This story originally appeared at: Black Petals

Tina Ayres (Red Rose) by Ian Ayres

Tina Hall (aka Tina Ayres)



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